Tuesday, March 26, 2019

SICCC Member Networking Event

The South India Chamber of Commerce Canada held its 2012 4th Quarter Members networking Luncheon on the 13th of  October at the Markham Civic Center.

event oct13 017Distinguished guests such as the Vice Consul (Commercial) from the Consulate General of India; Mr. Pradeep Kumar, the Honourable Member of Parliament Mr. Joe Daniel, Senator Mrs. Salma Attaullah, Regional Councillors Mr. Jim Jones and Mr. Joe Li and the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Markham Mr. Andy Jones attended and spoke of the importance of doing trade with South Asian Countries, with specific emphasis on South India.
Our Honourable Member of Parliament Joe Daniel spoke about the importance of fostering business relations with India and also about the 2013 Trade Mission to India in Jan 2013 visiting Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, New Delhi and Chennai.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar, the Vice Counsel(Commercial) from the Indian Consulate mentioned that India is a diverse and big country and chambers such as the South India Chamber of Commerce Canada cater to the needs of regional businesses and have a role to play and that the Indian Consulate supports the efforts of the South India Chamber of Commerce Canada.
The event was sponsored by The City of Markham and Vagans Inc.

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